One loving act …. and it’s not romance and roses!

One loving act …. and it’s not romance and roses!

red_rose_red_rosesCall me a cynic but the roses and romance of Valentine’s Day doesn’t substitute for working on your relationship for the rest of the year. Especially where money is concerned.

Money is one of the top subjects couples argue and disagree about.

You might be surprised to hear that when couples argue it is not about the money itself, even though it might seem that way. Very often it is an argument between the different blueprints each of the partners hold about money.
The blueprint is what is learned about money throughout life.  Right from a very young age we are consciously and unconsciously learning about money. Whether that is learning that it is important to save or learning that it’s best to spend it before someone tries to take it away, it really doesn’t matter. The blue print keeps dictating what happens unless you deliberately decide to change it.

If you’ve ever been totally baffled about why you or your partner do what you do with money then the answer probably lies somewhere in those money blueprints.

Deciding that you are both going to get on the same page about money can be a brilliant and loving act worth so much more than those 12 red roses, which will very soon be wilting.

Start by getting out the candles, rustling up a meal and listen to each other’s money stories starting way back in childhood and remember  ……. no judgement, no criticism just listen and learn.

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